Genius SlimStar 220 Multimedia Keyboard


12-key Windows vista multimedia keyboard

SlimStar 220 and SlimStar 320 is the latest slim stylish Windows Vista multimedia keyboards from Genius. Both of them offer popular dual-toned sliver and black finish. To relax your wrist, its streamline palm rest design provides your hand smooth support and good typing posture. Include 3way adjustable keyboard angle and keyboard stand design save desktop when not in use. Additional features for water resistant function to prevent against drink spillage.

Its offer great convenience for Windows Vista and document tools such as Word, Excel and Power Point. Enhanced function as media control key for music or video play back, Internet browsing to Mail, MSN and YouTube. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Key features:

  • Slim stylish Windows Vista multimedia keyboard.
  • Slim keycap provide great tactile feedback and low noise comfort.
  • Multimedia express hot keys:
    • Internet: Internet Explorer, Mail, MSN and YouTube.
    • Windows Vista: Flip 3D, Screen lock.
    • Office: Word, Excel and Power Point.
    • Media control: Play/Pause, Stop and Mute.
  • (Calculator, Eject, Close window and Photo Gallery for SlimStar 320 only).
  • 4 way pad with turbo scrolling for Internet exportation (for SlimStrar 320 only).
  • Adjustable keyboard stand for customize your keyboard angle and save desktop
  • Genius SlimStar 220 Multimedia Keyboard